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Colour analysis, full image consultancy and personal stylist for women.

Time for a colour review? Have you had your colours analysed years ago but now realise that your colouring has changed? Never had your colours analysed?

Our colour consultants in Lincoln, Lincolnshire can offer you a re-assessment of your colours – priced from £50 per person, this one-hour session includes make-up application and a review of your colour palette. Swatches in your wallet can be removed and added and additional swatch cards (containing six fabric swatches) purchased at £6.50 each. If your colouring has changed dramatically, you will be able to purchase a complete new wallet of 42 colours.

Our local personal stylists provide a range of services including; image makeovers, colour analysis, make-up lessons, style consultations and group parties.

If you are looking for a personal stylist for women in Lincoln or surrounding areas, we can help.


From £325**




Full Image Consultation (Colour, Style and Make-up lesson)


**Please note that prices for consultations can vary depending upon various factors such as location or specific requests.

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